Mayor Charlie Wyatt

Covid-19 Info

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Reminder to everyone in the community to abide by the Governor’s Executive Orders that has restrictions are in effect. The Executive Order along with the restrictions can be found on the website. Please remember under Indiana Code 10-14-3-34, a person who knowingly, intentionally, or recklessly violates a state of emergency order commits a Class B Misdemeanor. We seek voluntary compliance during this time of crisis. is a link to the Indiana website with up to date information regarding COVID-19. 

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Stay safe.. Don't Panic..

COVID Grant information

On behalf of Mayor Charlie Wyatt and the City of Boonville I'm sharing a grant opportunity that may be of benefit to your business. This grant is through an organization called Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC).

The deadline is October 5th.

Please note that this grant is not managed by either the City of Boonville or the Economic Development Coalition. This email is just to make you aware of the potential opportunity. To learn more and apply, you can visit the LISC page at:

A few notes on the application
-          Open to for-profit organizations only
-          Applications can be submitted generally in 15-25 minutes and do not require document uploads
-          Minority, women and veteran-owned businesses are prioritized. Immigrant owned businesses are eligible if they have an ITIN.
-          This is a competitive process
-          Applications will be open until 10/5/2020
-          Grants will range from $5000 to $20,000
-          Business that have sustained losses, layoffs, etc. during COVID will be prioritized