Mayor Charlie Wyatt

Application Procedure

  • Announcements will be made when The Boonville Police is hiring and when the deadline is to turn them in. 

  • Applicants will be notified of a date and time to report for a written essay test, and physical agility test which is based off of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy’s Exit Standards.  For more information on this, check the ILEA's Academy physical fitness standards.
  • Applicants that pass this phase of their hiring process then move onto the next step which is the interview with the Board of Police Officers. 

  • The Board will grade applicants on their interview skills and make their recommendations to the Chief of Police.

  • The Chief will then take the scores from the applicants and make a hiring pool to hire from. 

  • When there is an opening, The Chief of Police will bring several applicants from the hiring pool in front of the Board of Public Works for an interview with them.  

  • The Board of Public Works along with the recommendation of the Chief of Police will make a decision.