Mayor Charlie Wyatt

City of Boonville Awarded $250,000 to help local businesses

1. April 21 - Businesses go to our website and fill out the online application. There will also be documents they will have to download, fill out and send back to us as well.
2.  April 29-30: Our office sorts through all applications, compiles the list and sends to you to validate the businesses are legit. IF your community decided to use a scoring matrix, our office will go ahead and score them as well.
3. May 5th: Online application closes at 3pm CST. 5. 
4. May 3-5: The completed list of business awardees is sent to OCRA for final approval.
5. May 7 (estimated) Our office will request release of funds.
6. May 28 (estimated; hopefully before): the clerk treasurer or auditor receives one lump sum and cuts checks to the awarded businesses.
7. If a business is in doubt if they are eligible - tell them to apply anyway! They may be eligible and it only costs a little bit of time!


  *   Online applications open Wednesday, April 21st at Noon local time. and close Wednesday, May 5th at 3pm Local Time
  *   They will need basic information about their business (address, years in business, etc.) and there will be some forms to download and email to our team. Instructions are on the site.
  *   While fluid, it is estimated awarded businesses will receive grant awards late May or early June.
  *   For questions on the application or process they can contact the Community Development team at 812-423-2020 or email [email protected].